9 Decorating Ideas for Your Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are both functional and stylish.  And, in contrast to the typical bulky cabinets and shelves, floating shelves can open up wall space, while still serving a purpose.

Here are nine ideas you can use when decorating your floating shelves:

  • Fill them up.  Add lots of decor and knick knacks to fill up most of the shelf space and create a random collection. Just make sure all the items match or complement each other.
  • Initiate conversation. Fill your floating shelf with conversation pieces like picture frames, book collections, and small antiques. They will attract your visitors and spark a good conversation.
  • Use different styles for your floating shelves, like boxes or wood,  instead of the typical plank. For example, glass floating shelves are great for a modern living room. Unique styles can add more beauty and design to your wa.
  • Include a theme for your floating shelves. Tapping into the room’s theme or creating one for a collection of items can help you decide what to place on your floating shelf.
  • Use live objects instead of the usual figurines. Place a long aquarium on the bottom shelf and fill it with colorful fish, stones, and seaweed.
  • Arrange them horizontally. Line several small floating shelves in a horizontal pattern to display decorations like teapots for the kitchen, picture frames for the living room, and small lamps for the dining room.
  • Create a pattern. Rather than organizing your floating shelves into a straight vertical line, create a pattern like a circular design or a stair-like arrangement. It can add more charm to your wall.
  • Make use of colorful shelves. Use different colors for each of your shelves, but make sure the colors match each other. For a more feminine look, use pastel colors like yellow, pink, violet, and light green.  For a more dramatic or romantic feel, use darker colors.
  • Make it functional. Instead of serving only as a customary unit, use your floating shelves for a more functional purpose like a bedside table.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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