Choosing Seats for Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are usually considered the focal point of a kitchen. Many homeowners invest in a good, reliable kitchen island not only for its functionality, but also for its added beauty to the room.  For some people, a kitchen island can stand on its own even without added chairs. But, for others, an efficient kitchen island must always include seats to initiate conversation, togetherness, and intimacy within the kitchen.

Choosing seats for a kitchen island is similar to choosing the perfect dining table for your home. Kitchen island seats should not limit themselves to pure function, but you need to be sure that they are comfortable, enticing, and complementary to the overall kitchen theme.

To help you decide which kitchen island seats will best fit your kitchen, here are some tips to follow:

  • Identify the function of your kitchen island. Will it simply be an addition to your kitchen counter or will it serve as a breakfast nook for the family? Will it also become an extension of your dining table? Knowing the function of your kitchen island will allow you to decide on the number of seats you need, how tall they need to be, and if they need a back.
  • Examine your kitchen space. Can it accommodate three to four full chairs or is the space better suited for small stools?  Just make sure to save some space for the chair to move in and out as well as enough space to walk around.
  • Know what design and color you want for your seats. Do you want them to blend with the color of your kitchen island or do you want something that contrasts?  If your kitchen opens up to your dining room, do you want your kitchen island chairs to be the same design and/or color of your dining chairs?  Knowing these factors will help you decide which kind of seats to buy for your kitchen island.
  • Know when to use your seats and when not to use them. Will you need to use your kitchen island seats all the time or will you only need them for breakfast? There are space-saving chairs that are easily tucked under the kitchen island whenever they are not in use, so think about whether or not those would be a good option.

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