Eight Bed Ideas for Your Guestroom

When guests visit your home, you do your best to treat them like family.  You want your visitors to feel welcome and at home, so you provide them with everything they need and that will make them feel comfortable.

For guests who are spending the night, a good guest bed is what they need the most. And, by making sure they have a restful place to sleep, you will ensure that their stay is a pleasant one.  While you are searching for the right guest bed, bear in mind the space of your guestroom, the interior decor of the room, and the number of guests you want to accommodate.

Below are eight types of beds to consider when choosing the perfect one for your guests:

  • Daybed – Daybeds are an excellent choice because they offer versatility, function, and beauty. During the day, a daybed serves as a couch on which you and your guest can sit and chat. At night, add pillows and bedding, and your guest has a wonderful place to rest.
  • Sofa Beds – If space inside the house is limited, a sofa bed will instantly transform your typical living room sofa into a bed with a folding mattress that pulls out of the sofa whenever you need it.
  • Panel Beds – For a more elegant option, choose a simple wooden bed with a tall headboard and a low footboard.
  • Trundle Beds – This option is ideal for two people who will be sharing a limited space.  Trundle beds easily store an extra bed below the main bed, so whenever you have two guests staying in one room, all you have to do is pull it out.
  • Platform/Storage Beds – Extra storage in your guestroom is always a must, so you can store extra linens and towels and also provide your guests with a place to store their items.  If you are working with limited space, use the base of your bed as storage.
  • Bunk Beds – Similar to trundle beds, bunk beds offer two beds in one structure. However, both beds are always accessible, so no additional moving or pulling is required.  Given their smaller size, bunk beds are ideal for kids.
  • Canopy Beds – Want more elegance inside your guest room? Canopy beds are the perfect solution. A thin canopy on top of a four posted bed will make your guests feel like royalty in an instant.
  • Folding Beds – For extra beds inside your guestroom, store a folding bed inside your closet.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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