Oklahoma City Parking Enforcement Begins Using Electric Cars

A new and eco-friendly team member recently joined the police force in Oklahoma City.  Last Wednesday, parking enforcement officers received a more eco-friendly and cost-efficient means of transportation, replacing their three-wheeled, gas-powered Go-4 vehicles with the new Wheego electric cars.

Wheego electric cars aim to provide a more eco-friendly, safe, and reliable alternative form of transportation. They are a more affordable version of the electric car, making them a great option for both private and public use. Each vehicle, though small in size, is equipped with the safety features and conveniences of a full-size car.

The Wheego cars have already been seen roaming around the downtown Oklahoma City and Bricktown areas. The Oklahoma City police force acquired the electric cars specifically for their parking enforcement team to promote the use of environmentally friendly resources. The electric cars will also be used during special events such as races and Thunder games.

The new Wheego electric cars include two-passenger seating and are powered by a rechargeable battery pack.  They come with a regenerative power braking system for and extended driving range that extends to 40 miles per charging cycle. According to the police force, each new car cost about $13,000, which is less expensive in the long run compared to the gas-powered vehicles that they had been using.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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