Eight Easy Tips for Cooling Your House in the Summer

Summer is the time of year when families get to spend more time together.  Children are out of school and enjoying summer break, and families often spend their time at home, doing activities together, and having fun.

While most families look forward to these times in anticipation, there are times when the summer heat can be too hot to bear. Sometimes, even staying indoors isn’t enough to cool you off.  So, it’s a practical idea to find ways to cool your house, so you and your family can enjoy a retreat from the heat.

Below are eight easy tips on how you can cool off your house during the summer:

  • Install shades or window treatments on the east and west sides of your house. For windows facing the east, close your window treatments in the morning and open them in the afternoon. Window facing west should be opened in the morning and closed during the afternoons. This will minimize the amount of hot air and light that enter your house.
  • Avoid doing heat-generating activities, like using electrical appliances, during the day. As much as possible, save them for the evening.
  • Plant trees and shrubs around your house. Plants offer good ventilation and they also shield your house from the harsh heat of the sun.
  • Use compact fluorescent lights instead of incandescent bulbs because they are more energy-efficient.
  • Insulate your roof and make sure it is highly reflective. Roofs are directly affected by the sun, so placing insulators between the interior of your home and your roof will help to protect you from that heat.
  • Do not use sun-exposed rocks or cement in your landscaping that faces the west or south because they trap heat and continue to radiate it toward your house even after the sun has gone down.
  • Unplug all power equipment when it is not in use to conserve energy.
  • Install an energy-efficient air conditioning unit or fan that can cool off most of your house. Choose an air conditioning whose size is appropriate for the room, so the unit is not overworked.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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