How to Soundproof Your Home

Sometimes you want to have a huge party at your house and hang out with your friends all night, but the problem is that you don’t want to wake up the neighbors. Or, perhaps you want to support your teen’s love of music by allowing him or her to host band practice at your house, but you don’t want the neighborhood patrol to issue you a citation for loud noise. One way to enjoy life with occasional loud music and parties without disturbing others is to soundproof our home.

Soundproofing a particular area of your house can offer the best of both worlds, so here are some suggestions on how to do it:

  • Use thick, long curtains on your windows. Whenever you want to soundproof your room, fully cover your windows with the thick fabric, and it will make it more difficult for sound to escape.   Velvet drapes absorb noise particularly well….think of movie theatres!
  • Use thick carpeting or rugs on your floors.  This works especially well on second-story floors by preventing the sound from drifting below.
  • Use automatic door bottoms. Install these covers on the bottoms of your doors to fill the gaps between door and floor.  They usually automatically drop down when the door is closed and retract up when it is open.
  • Install a layer or two of drywall to prevent sound from travelling between walls.
  • Use textured surfaces on your walls and ceilings. Rough surfaces can reduce sound waves inside the room. Smooth surfaces usually do not absorb sound.
  • Make your walls “thicker” by positioning large bookcases or shelves against them. It makes it more difficult for sound waves to penetrate the walls because the threshold is denser.
  • Install soundproofing panels. There are many ready-made insulation panels available that can be easily installed to create more sound obstruction.
  • Place soft egg crate mattress pads on your wall. If design is not an issue for you, egg create mattress pads are perfect for soundproofing.  For music rooms, they may even play into the overall aesthetic design.


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