Decorating Ideas Using Throw Pillows

Updating the look of your home doesn’t require a major makeover or an expensive remodel. By simply decorating your couch, dining chairs, or bed with decorative throw pillows, you can easily refresh the look of your interior in a fashionable, yet relatively inexpensive way.

Throw pillows are lovely, functional small pillows that are ideal for sofas and beds. You can choose from a variety of colors, designs, shapes and sizes to match your current theme or create an entirely new one.  Here are some ideas to help you decorate using throw pillows:

  • Choose different sizes for your throw pillows. The standard size of a throw pillow is 18 to 24 inches. Go bigger for larger sofas or to use as oversized throw pillows on the floor. If you have wide couches, arrange three to five throw pillows along the length of the sofa in descending order.
  • Select from various shapes. Typically, throw pillows come in square and circular shapes. These days, however, you can also find rectangular and oblong pillows, and even unusual shapes for kids, such as flowers, cars, and butterflies. When selecting the shape for a throw pillow, choose something that is appropriate for a room. Classic shapes are well-suited for more classic, traditionally-themed houses. Modern interiors look great with oblongs and rectangles.  And, for kids, the possibilities of character pillows are endless.
  • Choose good colors for your throw pillows. Steer clear from matching the color of your pillow exactly to the color of your sofa. Choose a complementing color that is either a different shade of the same color or a contrasting color altogether.  If you decide to mix and match patterns, that opens up the color possibilities because you can tie into different accent colors easily.
  • Consider the fabric. There are different fabrics for a throw pillow. Choose a fabric based on where your pillow will reside.  For instance, if pets and kids are always in the living room, choose a washable fabric that can easily be cleaned when stained. For purely  decorative purposes, however, smoother, more elegant fabrics like silks and velvets are great options.
  • Select a good pattern. Solid-colored sofas look great with striped or floral pillows because they add visual interest. But, for patterned sofas, stick to solid-colored pillows so as not to distract the eye and create visual chaos.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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