Creative Ideas for Using Leftover Wallpaper

Anytime you apply wallpaper to your walls, there will be a lot of leftover pieces due to the cutting and trimming that is involved.  The natural inclination is to throw them away, but, that’s a terrible waste of something that can easily be reused to create interesting and unique design elements in your home.

Instead of throwing your wallpaper scraps directly into the garbage, find some creative use for them.  Here are a few creative ideas:

  • Creative desk accessories. Make your home office desk more artistic by wrapping folders, organizers, and pen containers with leftover wallpapers.  It will add continuity to your supplies and made the space more engaging.
  • Privacy for your bathroom. Screen your bathroom windows with extra wallpaper for added privacy. Measure your window and cut your leftover wallpaper to exactly cover the glass window.
  • Artistic waste cans. Dull and plain garbage baskets need not to stay that way forever. Use your extra wallpaper to wrap your garbage bin. Just be sure to smooth out the bumps before it dries.
  • Creative lights for your room. Enhance the lighting and mood of your room with decorated lamp shades. Instead of buying expensive lamp covers at a store, create your own by covering plain lamp covers with your leftover wallpapers.  It will be a unique feature, but just don’t do it in a room that already has the wallpaper on the walls.
  • Unique gift wrapping and tags. Wrapping paper can be quite expensive, so reusing your extra wallpaper is a creative solution to fully utilize the material and save a little money.  Plus, it will make a big impact on the person who receives the gift.  You can also cut out pictures from your wallpaper and paste them on cards to create unique gift tags.
  • Lovely covers for your storage boxes. If you have memory storage boxes with trinkets and souvenirs from your school days or vacation trips, make them more inspiring by covering them with your extra wallpapes.
  • Dining table accessories. Cut wallpaper into rectangular shapes to create placemats. You can also use it for tray covers.
  • Enhance your furniture. Turn plain drawers and shelves to creative displays by lining the insides with wallpaper. To create shelving space, remove drawers and cover the inside of the remaining space with wallpaper to create a unique contrast to the main furniture color.
  • Crafts for kids. Use leftover wallpaper as craft material for your kids. They can create bookmarks, cover their notebooks, or use it for scrapbooking.
  • Save for repairs. Reserve some of your extra wallpaper for making repairs to wallpaper that may rip or tear later down the line.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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