Tips for Storing Breakables Inexpensively

Over time, as you look around your house, you notice that you begin to accumulate things.  Some of the things that seem to accumulate the most are extra cups, plates, and glasses that you buy on sale or purchase so you can be prepared for parties and unexpected guests.  Although you do need lots of dining essentials for large parties and holiday get-togethers, they can feel like clutter during your everyday life.  The space they take up is disproportionate to the frequency with which they’re used.

When you do not need your extra dining wear, the most practical way to keep them from taking up a ton of kitchen and storage space is to store them in a safe place that will protect them, yet allow them to be easily accessible in case you need them.

Below are some tips on how to store your home breakables effectively without spending a lot of money during the process:

  • Use old newspapers to wrap your breakables. Make sure you have enough newspaper to cover the item entirely and provide a thick layer for added protection. Seal the papers with scotch tape or masking tape so they won’t fall apart easily.
  • Store your kitchen breakables in a sturdy box. Store all similar items in one box, so you have a box for plates, a box for cups, etc. Just be sure that you choose a box that can support the weight.  Label the boxes so you can easily find something if you need it and make sure you seal everything well.
  • Create a soft bed of padding before you begin packing the box. You can place used foam, thick bubble wrap, or several crumpled newspapers in the bottom to provide shock support for when boxes are moved.  Also, fill the top of the box after placing all your breakables, so they are protected in case the box falls or is stored sideways.
  • Fill your cups, mugs, and glasses with crumpled paper as an added protection against breakage.
  • Do not forget to label your boxes as FRAGILE. This will alert others to handle them with care in case you are not the one handling them.
  • Avoid placing one box on top of another, as the weight of the other items on top can easily crush the items below. If space allows, avoid doing this.


Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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