How to Go Green at Home This Summer

Going green during the summer can be a bit of a challenge when it becomes hot outside and you want to turn on your air conditioner.  However, despite the warm weather, summer can be a great time to start engaging in a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Mother Nature serves as a wonderful backdrop for outdoor activities like going to the beach, soaking in the pool, and having a backyard cookout.  Spending more time outside will reduce the temptation to blast the AC and, therefore, cut down on your energy usage and electric bills.

To make it easier to go green this summer, here are a few tips:

  • Spend the day outside. Every day may not be a barbecue party, but spending several hours outside enjoying the sunshine or sitting under a shade tree or porch, drinking ice cold lemonade and reading a book is just as enjoyable.  Have your kids play outside, too, so they’re not sitting inside watching TV or playing on the computer all day.
  • Use your windows. Opening your windows circulates fresh air throughout your house and serves as a great way to regulate the temperature of your home without using the air conditioner.  Leave them open at night, so the cooler air fills your home.  During the day, keep them closed, so the cooler air stays inside and the hot air doesn’t come in as easily.
  • Hang your laundry outside to dry. The heat of the sun will dry your wet clothes quite quickly, and you won’t have to plug in your dryer and waste energy.
  • Use water wisely. During the summer months, you consume a lot more water in order to hydrate your body, which is important.  But, since you’re using more water, it’s also important to be vigilant and try to minimize the amount of water you waste to balance it out.  One way you can reduce your water waste is to install low-flow showerheads and faucets.  So, even if you stay in the shower a bit longer to cool off, less water is used.
  • Add plants around your house. They help to cool your home my providing shade.
  • Buy more organic produce. During the summer, local produce is everywhere, so take advantage of the opportunity to eat healthily. Attend farmers’ markets and choose fresh, organic food to keep your family healthy and support growers who don’t use pesticides.
  • Avoid using your car. Save gas and energy by walking or riding a bicycle when you’re going somewhere that’s near your house. The extra exercise will be great for your body too.

Heather & Alan Davis
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