Edmond’s Citylink Bus System Celebrates Three Years

On July 1, Edmond’s bus service, Citylink, will commemorate its third year of operation offering free transportation to city commuters.

Citylink Edmond was launched on July 1, 2009 and operates along six local routes, two Expresslink routes going to and from Oklahoma City and a para-transit service within the city limits. Since its inception, Citylink’s ridership has grown steadily, averaging more than 20,000 rides a month.  April 2011 saw the largest number of riders to-date with around 21,000 people riding the bus.  However, since then, the ridership of Citylink had increased by 269 percent, making current ridership the largest it has ever been since it started operating. during classes.  This huge increase was due in large part to students from the University of Central Oklahoma using the bus system while school was in session. The city thus expects a reduction in ridership numbers during the summer months, but even with school out of session, ridership continues to maintain its average number of rides.  In May alone, 20,364 rides were recorded.

Due to its popular demand, the city is planning to obtain additional financial assistance to improve and maintain its transportation system. Council members have already approved about $100,000 for capital improvements and infrastructure improvements along the routes. With public and private partnerships, the overall cost incurred by the city will be reduced.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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