Smart Storage Solutions for Your Bedroom

In most houses, a bedroom can usually accommodate a wardrobe, a vanity, and a small bedside table, but small bedrooms typically have even less space for storage.  Fortunately, there are smart solutions that can help maximize the storage capacity of a small-spaced bedroom, while still maintaining a lovely, relaxing environment with room to breathe.

Below are some smart storage solutions to incorporate into your bedroom:

  • Go vertical. Normally, we think of long, horizontal spaces to store books, linens, and picture frames.  However, when you’re dealing with a small room, sometimes you don’t have the luxury of that much wall space.  So, go with vertical storage units that allow you to hold everything without taking up much floor space.
  • Use a sturdy, multi-purpose table. You may even want to make your vanity double as additional storage space.  The tabletop can be utilized for bags, clocks, and jewelry items, while the space underneath can be turned into a storage area. To add style, you can use wicker baskets or other organizers to hold items.
  • Create more storage in your headboard. If you have a thick headboard, you can use the sides to make book shelves. You may also want to place some of your personal items, like your alarm clock, phone, and keys, on top of your headboard.
  • Go under your bed. Use the hollow space beneath your bed to store extra pillows and bed linens or off-season clothes and shoes.
  • Floor to ceiling wardrobe. Maximize your closet by filling every space possible. To organize everything, use small compartments for items like gloves, scarves, socks, and undergarments. Install a thin shoe rack below your clothes rack, so you can store all of your shoes in an easily-accessible way without taking up much space.
  • Install built-ins. Using built-in cabinets and shelves will not only provide extra spaces to store things, but it will also make your bedroom look more elegant. Paint the inner compartment with a contrasting hue to make it pop.
  • Use a dual purpose bench. Buy a bench for your bedroom that you can open and store things inside.

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