Smart Landscaping for a Cooler Home This Summer

When hot summer weather arrives, the natural inclination is to turn up your air conditioning to keep it cool inside.  A home can become a sauna when heat gets trapped inside, and that is unbearable for everyone, but the problem is that your energy bills begin to soar.

Smart landscaping can actually be a practical and effective way to keep your house a little cooler, so you don’t have to crank your air conditioner up as high.  Trees and shrubs planted around your house will shield it from direct sunlight, thus maintaining the coolness inside your home. By having a cooler home, your air conditioner can run less frequently, which will help to reduce your energy bill.

To create your own smart landscaping at home, here are some useful tips:

  • Windows and roofs absorb the heat of the sun, thus creating a hot atmosphere in your house.  Reduce the heat absorption of your windows and roof by making the areas around them more shady.  Plant trees and shrubs that thicken and grow tall.
  • Plant trees with dense canopies and branches that go different direction. This will create full shade coverage for your house and minimize heat absorption.
  • Avoid planting trees too close to your house or other structures on your property. Allow a little space for their roots to extend, so they do not crawl under your house, and cause potential damage to your foundation later.
  • Prune the branches of your trees whenever they start getting to close to your roof or are in the way of good air circulation. Lower branches are often unnecessary, and you don’t want to have to duck when you are walking around your yard either.
  • Reduce the amount of energy your air conditioner uses by planting trees or vines near it. Air conditioners consumes less energy if they are already in a cool environment. Be sure they are at least three feet from your air conditioning unit, though, to they do not block air flow.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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