Decorating Ideas for Your Backyard Parties

Backyard parties are very common during the summer months because the weather sets the perfect ambiance for socializing outdoors.  It’s fun to create a festive environment by decorating the table on your deck or creating a party area further out in the yard. You can even set up a gathering spot underneath  a tree.

To help you prepare for your backyard parties, here are some decorating ideas you can use:

  • Bring nature closer. Since it’s a backyard party, why not add some décor using natural materials? Make use of organic elements around you such as flowers, potted plants, small pebbles,  and nature-inspired dining pieces. Instead of plastic furniture, use wooden tables and chairs. Wooden benches are an excellent addition if you are expecting more guests.
  • Prepare outdoor games.  Play a game of Frisbee or Badminton while waiting for the food to finish grilling. You can let the kids run around and play tag or hide and seek among the trees.
  • Bring everything outside. Refrain from going in and out the house, as it spoils the outdoor fun. Bring everything you need for barbecuing outside and set up a cooler or mini-refrigerator to hold your drinks and other items that need to remain cold.
  • Dress up your table. If you have a theme for the party, let it be reflected on the table as well. Add a few added touches like small fresh flowers spread all over the table or a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Make your guests more comfortable by providing shady areas and protection from the sun with sun hats, fans, sun block, and bug spray. Arrange the items in a wicker basket, so your guests can access them when they arrive or just let everyone know that they are free to use them at will.
  • Add lights for an evening party. Let your party extend well into the evening with ready to use decorative lighting installed around your deck. That way, when the night comes, there is no interruption to the party.
  • Don’t forget the trash.   Provide colored trash bins with labels for recyclables and non-recyclables, so guests can dispose of their own trash and minimize the post-party cleanup.
  • Add paper lanterns for added color and fun to the party. Hang them above the table and in corners. Choose cheerful colors like green, orange, and yellow.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors



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