Functional Alternatives to Toy Boxes

Having a storage alternative to traditional toy boxes will not only offer more aesthetic choices to complement your home décor, but will also enable you to save money. Typical toy boxes can sometimes be quite expensive, but fortunately, there are plenty of attractive, functional alternatives that are more cost-efficient.

If you want to shift your storage style from traditional designs to more fun and creative options, here are some fresh ideas to choose from:

  • Shelves with easily removable plastic bins – This kind of storage will not only promote a clutter-free room, but it will also teach your little ones how to organize their things. Install a built-in shelf with different compartments, so you can insert bins into each compartment. Then, label each bin as to what goes in it, such as dolls, toy cars, blocks, books, etc. Each time your child plays, he or she will only have to choose the bin with the desired items and not will not have to drag out all of the toys.
  • Bench with bottom storage – Create multi-functional storage using a long bench with storage underneath for your kid’s toys. The bench on top can be used for extra seating, while simultaneously holding all of your child’s toys underneath it.
  • Hampers or laundry baskets – If you have an extra hamper at home, instead of throwing it away, use it as extra storage for your kids’ toys. Hampers are normally sturdy enough to carry a full load of toys, plus you can then easily carry them to anywhere in the house in one trip versus having to go back and forth to pick up toys.
  • Rolling storage – Picking up your kids’ toys is easier with a rolling storage unit. It reduces the back and forth time, and depending on the size, you may even be able to easily roll it under a cabinet or the bed.
  • Storage ottoman – If you want to have toy storage in the living room, and ideal solution is a storage ottoman. Just like any other ottoman, it complements your sofa set and other home decor, but it also has a removable lid, so you can store things inside.

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