First Arts and Cultural Affairs Position Added In Oklahoma City

A new position has been officially added to the 2012-2013 budget of Oklahoma City involving overseeing the arts industry of the city. The first Arts and cultural Affairs position of the city has now been filled by the former head of the Urban Redevelopment Division for Oklahoma City’s Planning Departments, Robbie Kienzle.

Since 2009, the City Council had provided more focus on the art industry of the city given its profitable benefits in the business sector as well as its attraction to tourists. An ordinance had been approved, which grants the art industry one percent of the construction expense of the city. The one percent will be used to construct new buildings or implement renovations related to the arts.

Kienzle’s position will entail acting as administer the to the arts community and making sure that proper development budgets are being implemented. Keinzle will also be in charge of supervising local art activities and events as well as the existing art collection of the city.

The Oklahoma City City Council had chosen Kienzle for the position given her extensive job experience with regards to city development as well as her leadership in the field of the arts. Aside from her headship in the Planning Department, Kienzle was also the Director of the Festival of the Arts, the Executive Director of the American Institute of Architects and the Visual Arts Consultant for the MAPS projects.

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