The Essentials for an Ideal Nursery

Planning for your baby’s room is an exciting thing.  In order to prepare for you little one, you need to be sure everything that you will need will be within easy reach.  You also want to be sure your baby is comfortable and safe.

So, below are the essentials you need to include in your baby’s room:

  • Crib

When choosing a baby crib, finding a durable material is essential to ensuring the safety of your baby.  Also be sure to choose a crib that is large enough to accommodate the baby as it continues to grow.  If you are having twins, you will either need an extra large crib or two separate cribs for each baby.

  • Changing Table

Choose a changing table that is multi-functional and matches your crib and nursery theme. Be sure it is the right height for you to be able to work easily when changing your baby. Add a soft pad on top, so the baby is comfortable while you change it, and also be sure it has several shelves below to hold diapers, linens, and clothes.

  • Rocking Chair

When it’s time to put the baby to sleep, a rocking chair is very helpful. It will provide a comfortable place for you to rock the baby to sleep, and it is also perfect for late night feedings.

  • Storage Solutions

You need lots of extra storage space for your baby’s toys, clothes, books, and essentials like diapers.  Baskets and bins will help you keep everything clean and organized if you label them based on what they contain.  You can even opt for colorful baskets to match the decor of the nursery.

  • Baby Monitor

Baby monitors give parents peace of mind by allowing them to keep track of how their baby is doing, even if they are in another room.  This is particularly helpful when you are sleeping at night or trying to get other things done while your baby is sleeping.

  • Light

Keep your nursery bright when the baby is awake and dark when it is sleeping. A lamp with a dimmer switch is the perfect way to control the lighting at night, and you can choose a style and color that fits the nursery’s decor.  Small night lights are also helpful.

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