How to Properly Ventilate Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the place in the house that contains the most moisture. We take showers and baths, wash our faces, brush our teeth, and flush the toilet, keeping a constant stream of water passing through the room. With that level of moisture, it’s no wonder that mold and mildew can easily accumulate

Proper ventilation in the bathroom can help to remove that excess moisture. When air circulates properly throughout the room, it helps prevent moisture build up, which otherwise increases the cultivation and spread of germs and bacteria.

In order for you to properly ventilate your bathroom, consider these tips:

  • Open your windows. Nothing beats fresh air for good ventilation. Not only does it remove bad odors, but it also balances the air pressure inside the room. Bathroom windows are a wonderful way to allow the flow of fresh air.  Just make sure you choose the right size and materials that will allow airflow and withstand moisture, while still giving you privacy.  If your space allows, a great way to achieve all of that is to have shutters on your bathroom windows that give you privacy while still letting air pass through.  Avoid using wood materials as they usually do not stand up well to moisture.

  • Add a door to your bathroom. If you have a common bathroom and feel comfortable adding an entrance from the outside (from your backyard, for example), then install a door that will enable you to increase the air ventilation inside your bathroom. A second floor bathroom leading onto a balcony is also a great arrangement if feasible.
  • Turn on the exhaust fan. Ventilation devices are common in houses, but people frequently make the mistake of choosing the wrong sized fan for a space.   Ideally, a bathroom exhaust fan should be able to remove one cubic foot of air per minute.  So, to properly ventilate the room and achieve good air circulation, do the math and determine which size of fan will be able to do that most efficiently.
  • Turn on the air conditioning or heater.  Depending on the season, the air conditioning  or heater can help remove moisture from the bathroom, which reduces the chances of mold buildup.
  • Add live plants. Placing live plants inside your bathroom will help purify the air. They don’t have to be big, but you will notice that they add beauty to the area and make it feel more like spa environment.

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