Sunbeam Partners With OKC Law Enforcement | Backpack Supplies For Children

School will soon start in Oklahoma City and children who are living with their grandparents will have the chance to use a new backpack this coming fall. Sunbeam Family Services has partnered with the law enforcement of the city for a Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Program, which involves giving away backpacks and other school supplies to children.

Sunbeam Family Services is a local nonprofit organization that aims to fulfill the needs of the community through foster care, early childhood education programs and senior citizen services. Throughout the more than 100 years of servicing to the city, Sunbeam has already helped thousands of people all across the metro. The Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program is part of the organization’s advocacy to help grandparents who are living with and are raising their grandchildren on their own.

To help these kids get ready for the beginning of the new school year, Sunbeam will be giving free school supplies to 430 children who are living with and are raised by their grandparents. Law enforcement officers within the city are also helping out to make the program more successful. Triad, the collaboration of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department, the local police departments and senior citizens will be providing the donations through an area-wide funding.

Aside from Sunbeam and Triad, there will also be volunteer members of the Oklahoma City and Midwest City police departments to help by putting supplies in the backpacks to be given away to children on Tuesday. Backpacks will be donated by the Oklahoma Recyclers Association.

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