Go Greener This Fall: Practicing Green Living


As cooler weather begins to set in, it’s the perfect time to turn off your AC and enjoy the beautiful fall weather outdoors. When the seasons change and cool breezes become common, you can begin cleaning up your yard, preparing for winter, and reducing your energy bills.  Living green during moderate weather is easier because you can embrace open air living and rely less on heating and cooling units.  To help you go greener this fall and practice an eco-friendly lifestyle at home, here are several tips you can try:

  • Pick from local farms. Even if you don’t have your own garden, now is the perfect time to go apple picking or enjoy the fresh harvest from local farms. Instead of going to the supermarket, take some time to visit local producers and see what fresh fruits and vegetables are available. Also take advantage of farmers markets.
  • Go out more often. Staying outside and enjoying the cool fresh clean air will enable you to reduce your AC usage indoors. Aside from enjoying spending time with your family playing in your backyard or taking walks, you can significantly reduce your energy bills.
  • Create natural compost for your garden. Fall leaves you with a lot of dead leaves to compost, and you can use them as mulches or fertilizer for your garden. So, rather than running to the nursery to buy artificial fertilizers or fill up landfills with bags of leaves, use something from your own backyard.
  • Use your car less. Now is the time to walk or bicycle instead of drive.
  • Use your hands instead of using electrical equipment. Rather than use your electric blower to rid your yard of dead leaves, use a rake. This will not only save you the energy needed to power up your blower, but will also help you get your exercise in for the day.


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