Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home because it offers protection from the weather and outdoor conditions.  By properly caring for and maintaining your roof, you can do your part to ensure it remains in excellent condition.  However, there are sometimes influences outside of your control that can cause harm to your roof, which is why it is important to check it regularly for possible damage and then make repairs immediately.

Below are some of the signs that your roof needs repair:

Leaky Attic – Is your attic leaking? If so, then there is undoubtedly something wrong with your roof. A leaky attic means that parts of your roof are no longer functioning and allowing rainwater to easily seep through your house.

Missing Shingles – Storms and extreme weather can cause your shingles to be blown away or chip off. If that is the case, then expect penetration of water into your roof and eventually a leaky ceiling.

Mold on the Roof – Seeing mold anywhere is unpleasant, but when it’s on your roof, it can pose a risk in addition to being unsightly.  The best thing you can do is remove the affected area and replace it with new materials. The last thing you want is mold to spread and cause deterioration to other areas.

Rotting Wood – Are the woods in your roof already rotting? If so, then it is a sure sign that your roof needs repair. Water damage and too much moisture cause wood to rot. So, aside from replacing your wood, check also the possible cause of rotting to your wood.

Damaged Materials – One sure sign that your roof needs repair is if the materials are damaged. If you spot any damage, check the cause of the problem and have it repaired immediately.  Being proactive is important because, if left unattended, the damage will only escalate and become worse.  Address the issue while it is still small and inexpensive.

Water Spots on Your Ceiling – If you see water spots on your ceiling, that means your roof is leaking. Check your attic for leaky spots and repair those first before you repair your ceiling.  You want to be sure the problem is fixed before you spend money refinishing the interior of your home.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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