Landscaping your Garden Without Breaking the Bank


Landscaping your outdoor areas is a very involved process, and although you may be adding curb appeal, you should also be prepared for additions to your ongoing home expenses. Beautifying your yard beyond basic care requires adding flower beds, trees, and pathways, which are not only costly up front, but also require ongoing maintenance

Thankfully, there are some ways you can reduce the overall cost of landscaping:

  • Use what already exists in your property. If you have trees and a few plants growing in your yard, make use of those plants instead of buying new ones. You can replant them to help them thrive and grow in number, which will allow you to easily fill your yard without having to spend on a lot of money.
  • Do the job yourself. Sure, it can be difficult and time consuming, but hiring a pro to create and maintain your landscaping for you costs a pretty penny. If you’re happy with a basic design versus something extravagant, then try to do the job yourself.  You can even ask friends or family to help you, which will alleviate some of the work and make it more fun.
  • Know the best time to shop. Buying trees and plants for your new garden can be quite expensive. But, there are certain times during the year when plants and trees are sold at a discount, usually when retailers are trying to get rid of them. So, if you aren’t in a hurry to fill up your yard, try to wait for sales to occur to you can maximize your budget.
  • Ask your neighborhood for free plants. There are certain communities that promote high standards for landscaping, and they often give away free plants and trees. If your community has a neighborhood association, ask them if they offer anything like that.
  • Borrow tools. Although it is a good idea to invest in quality tools you know you’ll be using frequently, if there are certain tools you only need once or infrequently, borrow them from a neighbor or rent them from a hardware store.  It will save you a huge amount of money, especially on the bigger tools.
  • Be organic. Stop constantly purchasing and using chemicals and pesticides on your plants. Instead, use mulch to rid of weeds in your garden and begin composting instead of buying fertilizer.


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