Design Tricks to Make Your Small House Appear Bigger

Small houses can be tricky when it comes to incorporating all of your furniture and appliances, yet still feeling a sense of spaciousness. And, if your family continue to grows, it can begin to feel a bit suffocating when you are at home.  However, there are ways to make small houses feel bigger, so you are able to enjoy the lower maintenance of a smaller house while still feeling like you have room to breathe.

There are several design tricks that can help make your house appear bigger:

  • Let the outside view in. If you have a small garden outside, consider it part of your house. This does not mean extending your house to meet your garden, but rather connecting to it visually by adding more windows or glass walls or doors to allow more natural lighting in your home and make your walls feel less confining.
  • Avoid closed doors. That includes cabinets and shelves inside the house. For cabinets that hold dishware, for example, try removing the doors or using glass doors instead. The added visual space will open up the area. In addition, try to avoid putting so many doors inside the house. As much as possible, minimize doors to your bedrooms and bathrooms and allow the rest of the house to flow.
  • Create small dividers. One of the reasons why smaller houses have smaller spaces is because of the wall dividers in every room. These take up precious space and give a feeling of confinement when you are in a room. Eliminate non-supporting walls if you can in order to open up your living room and dining room, for example.  If you need a divider, use things like open display shelves instead.
  • Let the light in. Give natural light a place in your house. Not only will it brighten the room and make it feel more airy, but it will also help you save money on your bills because you don’t have to use your lights as much.
  • Make use of your roof. If you have a flat roof, try using it as a porch or rooftop garden, where you can relax and enjoy the view of your neighborhood.

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