Hot Hues for Fall 2012

September 21st marked the traditional start of autumn, and with the change of seasons comes cooler temperatures and a splendor of colorful foliage.  But the trees are not the only things to change color, as people begin to put away their summer clothing and break out sweaters, scarves, and boots in this seasons hot hues.  Pantone, who has become known as a worldwide standard for color, has released their Fashion Color Report for Fall 20120, featuring ten bold shades trending now.  But with great shades like these, why limit them to only clothing?  Here are a few great interiors that take advantage of these hot hues.

Tangerine Tango.

This sleek, modern kitchen pairs the bold orange with stainless steel appliances and contrasting black and white colors.  By using these neutral colors and featuring the “color of the year” in select places, the tangerine cabinets really pop without being overwhelming.{picture source}.


Honey Gold.

While it may be a new shade to the fashion world, honey gold is a historic paint color in architecture, and nothing shows why better than this traditional living room.  While alone, the burnt yellow shade may be a feature, here, paired with so much beautiful woodwork, the color acts as a backdrop, accenting the rich tones of the mahogany details and furniture.{picture from site}.

Bright Chartreuse.

This bold yellow-green hue shows daring confidence, whether on the runway or on the wall.  Paired here with bright aqua, the use of chartreuse gives this modern kitchen a lively, vibrant atmosphere.{image source}.

Olympian Blue.

There is no better way to make a dramatic statement than to pair a limited amount of a bright color with neutrals.  Here, the striking blue of the stove and vent stand out against the more neutral teal tile and white cabinets.  The use of Olympian Blue on the appliances draws the eye to the feature of this kitchen. {image source}.


This tranquil bedroom features this dusty shade of purple to help create a calming space.  The color becomes the focal point within the room itself, helping to create a serene, intimate atmosphere, balancing the bold view.{picture source}.

Ultramarine Green.

Another color which helps to create a serene oasis is this ultramarine green.  This deep blue-green hue, used on all walls of the bathroom, provides a lively juxtaposition against the neutral tones of the rest of the bathroom and the bedroom beyond.

Rose Smoke

While any of these hues could easily be incorporated into a space through wall color, another great way to add color is through accessories such as furniture. The pale pink on these Mademoiselle Chairs give the stark white space just a subtle hint of something more .{picture source}.

Pink Flambé.

In opposition to the subtlety of Rose Smoke, Pink Flambé doesn’t hint; it dares to be noticed.   Used as a feature wall so as to not overwhelm the space, it brings this otherwise gray bedroom to life.  The graphic pattern also helps to soften the starkness of the daring color.

French Roast.

Another great way to feature a bold color is to use it in an unexpected way or place – such as here on the crown molding and trim of this room.  If used as the main paint color, the boldness of this deep brown would have been dark and oppressive; it would have completely changed the way the space feels.  Instead, the select use of French Roast frames the space and sparks the curiosity.{picture source}.


And last but not least is a color that it seems can never go wrong:  Titanium.  This cool gray always looks clean and modern, such as here, paired with other neutral shades of gray and white.

Sourced from:

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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