How to Arrange Your Furniture for Better Room Flow

Having an empty space and huge furniture to fill it in can cause a huge design dilemma. How do you want it to look? Will your sofa be facing the right direction? Should your bed be positioned in a straight line or diagonally?

Furniture layout may appear to be as easy as pushing furniture around, but in reality, there is more to it than simply getting it to fit inside the room. You also need to think of how to create to openness, functionality, and style.

When it comes to furniture layout, the first thing that you want to do is to think of how you would like the room to look. Picture or lay out the specific dimensions and compare it with the size of your furniture. Think of how you would want your sofa set and other items to be arranged from a visual perspective

In addition to simply achieving a beautiful and well-organized room, you also need to be sure that it works for you. You will be spending time there, so you need to be sure it fits your lifestyle and will be comfortable to use.  Then, you can work out the small changes like moving this item a few inches to the left and repositioning that item to make more room for walking.

A good place to start is the living room. If you have a fireplace, that should be the focal point. If you do not have one, try to establish a particular area or item to become the basis of your layout. After you have chosen a focal point, place your sofa in front of your focal point. Then position your large coffee table in between your focal point and your sofa, while you balance the rest of your chairs on both sides. Make sure that your coffee table is larger than your side tables.

The important thing to keep in mind when positioning furniture inside your living room is to be sure that there is a walking space around each seat. Also, create a seating arrangement that will encourage conversation.

For your dining room, the furniture arrangement is easier since all you have to do is place your dining table in the center of the room and the chairs around it. However, if your dining area is a part of a much larger open space that flows into the kitchen or living room, the main goal is to create a distinctive space that is clearly designated as your dining area.  In addition, there are also rooms that incorporate storage areas for dining room essentials, which removes the need for addition items such as cabinets and buffets.  When space is quite limited, the most important thing to remember is to leave walking space so it is easy to use the dining table. Make sure that the space between the wall and the seats is big enough to allow people to walk around and pull their seats back without having to crawl out of them.

Finally, when it comes to your bedroom, the focal point can be either a large piece of artwork above your bed, a fancy headboard, the dresser, or a TV set. Your bed should be positioned based on these focal points, flanked with side tables on each side.   Just like in any other room, be sure to include walking spaces around the bed.

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