Making Your Home Cozier and More Colorful with Modern Rugs

Modern rugs are great interior additions for sprucing up a living room, bedroom, or hallway. Instead of simply leaving your floor bare and prone to scratches, rugs can provide added protection, which can lengthen the life of your floors.

Using modern rugs is a great way to transform a dull and plain interior into something more colorful and lively. Many homes use modern rugs along their hallways to add beauty to their floors even if their walls are a bit bare. If you don’t have anything more decorative to enhance a long hallway, a rug runner will give you just the right patterns.

Bedrooms will look cozier if your bed has an area rug under it. Try to complement the color of your bed linens with that of your area rug and balance the color of your area rug with that of your floor. Area rugs include patterns in different colors that can make even a plain bed become grander. If you are more comfortable with plain bed linens but want to add more color to your room, make it so with area rugs.

Of course, where else would a modern rug look finer than in the living room? Many living rooms are enhanced not with just furniture or decorative pieces, but also with beautiful area rugs. The colors on your modern rug can easily transform a place into something more comfortable and snug, which encourages conversation and bonding.

Modern rugs are more than just added designs in your house. They are also functional.  Given the high traffic in your living room or hallway, rugs help you protect your floors. You can also place rugs underneath furniture so they will not scratch the floor when moved. In addition, spills will not easily penetrate your wooden floors when there are rugs above them.

If you are searching for a good modern rug, keep in mind three important things. First is the look of the rug on your house. How will your rug help enhance the room? Second is the functionality of your rug. Will it serve a purpose in the room?  Lastly is the cost. Will the price of the rug be reasonable? This will give you a better idea of what your money is worth.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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