Edmond City Council Deliberates on New Bicycle Master Plan for City


Residents who frequently bicycle around the city will now have a safer and more comfortable way to do it, thanks to bicycle lanes that will be placed throughout the city as a part of the proposed bicycle Master Plan for Edmond.

A citywide bicycle network has been proposed and is currently being deliberated on by the Edmond City Council. The bicycle plan will be included in the city’s transportation plan and Plan IV zoning ordinance and will cover about 146.2 miles of lanes around the city.

According to the Master Plan, there will be low cost improvements required for the implementation of the new ordinance, which would cover the cost of signage and pavement markings along and within exiting roadways. There will also be a network of bicycle facilities that will include educating all roadway users and encouraging them to try bicycling. Other accommodations included are shared lane markings, bicycle lanes, paved shoulders, and side paths.

The Master Plan will be reconfiguring the four-lane and not-so-busy street into two lanes for traffic, a turn lane, and two bicycle lanes, one on each side of the roadway.  In order to introduce the new plan, there will be a pilot program for bicycle lanes on University Boulevard along the west side of the University of Central Oklahoma.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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