Does Your Exterior Decor Match Your Interior?

What people see on the outside is often what they expect to see on the inside.  If your home exterior displays a less than appealing façade, visitors or passersby may not have high expectations for your home.  This will influence a buyer’s decision, since the first impression of a potential home comes down to how the outside looks.

The thing is, your home exterior does not need to be entirely the same as your interior décor. All you need to do is maintain a level of consistency when it comes to appeal.  If you are presenting a modern home with sleek appliances and neutral colors, do the same with your home architecture, exterior paint, and trimmings.

To give you an idea on how to coordinate your home exterior from your home interior, here are a few tips:

  • Know what you want.

Creating an extra room outside your house will be tougher than you think if you don’t know what you want. Do you want a completely separate room from your home interior or will it serve as an extension of another room?  Asking some basic fundamental questions is important  for establishing a general direction for what you’re trying to accomplish.

  • When you decorate, think of how a room will look in relation to the one next to it.

For instance, if you plan to create an outdoor kitchen, think of how it will appear.  You can create an outdoor kitchen that will become an extension of your indoor kitchen by incorporating similar flooring materials and colors.

  • Colors and design need not be exactly the same.

You can work within a certain spectrum of brown, yellow, or green, for example, but it does not need to be precisely the same shade of color. The same applies to your wall and flooring design. Your exterior décor should be in balance with your interior design, not an exact  replica of it.

  • Stick to your theme.

Even if you do change the color of your wall or its design, if you stick to your interior theme, you can’t go wrong with your home exterior. For instance, if you want a Victorian interior design, keep it in harmony with your home exterior by presenting Victorian-inspired architectural designs and colors.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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