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Annual Program Helps OKC Families During the Holidays

For most people, the holiday season is a much awaited time of year when family and friends gather under one roof to celebrate with delicious food, singing, and gifts.  Unfortunately, however, not all families are able to experience that same kind of celebration during the holidays due to financial struggles.

To offer help to families in need this holiday season, Sunbeam Family Services in Oklahoma City will be hosting is annual Adopt-A-Family program. Each year, Sunbeam Family Services hosts the program in order to extend a helping hand to families that cannot afford to buy gifts for their loved ones. This is part of the agency’s goal of serving and caring for the poor within the community.

The Adopt-A-Family program will be about gift-giving to selected families in the city. The agency will be accepting gift donations from volunteers in Oklahoma City to give to almost 200 families in need. The receiving families are those that are already served through the agency’s different programs.

Sunbeam will be collecting a list of desired gifts for the families, such as winter coats, toys, and blankets.  Those interested in giving a gift can drop it off at the Sunbeam Family Services office at 616 N.W. 21st Street, Oklahoma City. Gifts must be new and unwrapped and valued between $35 to $50 per family member. Gifts can be dropped off until December 13.

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Interior Doors for Your Home: Ideas to Consider

Add more value to your home with beautiful interior doors. Whether you choose a traditional swing door, a folding door, or a sliding door, it will enhance the overall beauty of your home.

To give you an idea of the different styles of interior doors that are available, here are a few to consider:

Two-Way Door– Why not save more space in your house with a rotating interior door instead of a conventional door? All you need to do is rotate the door at the center so you can move from one room to another. The rotating effect also adds aesthetic appeal to your interior in addition to its space-saving benefit.

Asian-Inspired Door – Add traditional flair to your home interior with Asian-inspired doors made from materials such as bamboo and teak. These types of interior doors give warmth to your home and make it feel comfortable.

Pocket Door – If you have no space left in your room for a swinging door, try a pocket door instead. This type of door is hidden inside a compartment within the wall, so you can save more space than if you used a visible sliding door or customary swinging door. It also serves as a great architectural statement and can be adorned with attractive hardware for an appealing appearance when hidden.

Folding Glass Door – Two reasons for adding a folding glass door are that it adds more light to the room and saves space.  In addition, it is a unique design that can provide a unique elegant element to any room.

Sliding Glass Door – These are currently quite trendy and are great solutions for small spaces, especially in modern houses. Glass doors create the impression of a wider room because they allow your vision to expand without interruption.

Sliding Barn Door – Barn doors offer a unique look and are rolled open and closed by barn door rollers. You can paint your barn door white or simply leave it in its natural wooden tones.

Stained Glass Doors – No need for added décor with these doors. Designs are intricate enough to make a room look artsy and beautiful. These are perfect for closet and bedroom dividers or the entrance to your home office.
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Making Room For Guests For This Thanksgiving

The holidays are definitely a hectic time — especially if you are the host. Get ready for this Thanksgiving by planning ahead and organize your entryway, closets, mudroom, kitchen and guest room. With less clutter and a few simple organizational tips you won’t feel overwhelmed — Senior Home Editor Anthony Santelli shows readers in this year’s November issue how to prep for guests, now it’s actually time to get to it!

When guests arrive they will either come in through the front door or your mudroom. Organize either your foyer closet or mudroom to be ready for the impending loads of coats, scarves, boots, gloves, hats and umbrellas. Here are a few useful ideas to help organize your entry way…

This entry way has a a Double Hang Closet Rod ($9.99 from The Container Store) — it provides the perfect extra space to hang double the amount of coats your closet usually can store. Extra hooks on the door come in handy for hand-bags and hanging scarves.

Here is a helpful and simple check list for you to follow for your guests’ bedroom:

  • Allot adequate closet and drawer space & provide hangers.
  • Have a full-length mirror in the bedroom.
  • Having a working alarm clock in the bedroom.
  • Invest in a few small touches in the room, such as bottled water, chocolate or fresh flowers.
  • If able to, provide a sitting area with a pillow and throw, an adjacent table, and a good adjustable-brightness lamp in the room your guests will be staying in.
  • Provide extra blankets for temperature control in the bedroom.
  • Provide reading material, including several magazines and a daily newspaper.
  • Stock enough towels, washcloths and hand towels for all guests.
  • Stock up on toilet paper and other necessities and make sure they know where to locate extras.

Having everything your visitors will need already in their reach will allow them the freedom to enjoy the wonderful visit that you are providing. Here are some other great ideas to include in your guests’ bathroom…

Having plenty of towel racks will keep wet towels off the floor and your guests will have dry towels the next time they take a shower.

Prepare for your company and the guaranteed of leftovers by organizing your kitchen so that you have plenty of space to store food. Its also a good idea to get your cabinets and drawers in tip-top shape, giving you easy access to platters, bowls, knives and other cooking accessories.

This is the dream refrigerator! The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, Martha Stewart Collection For Macy’s, and Snapware have some wonderful storage pieces for your refrigerator — like clear leftover containers, soda holders, wine racks, and shelf risers.

In addition to organizing your kitchen cabinets and closets — having folding chairs and tables in your home is essential if you are going to be the host for many people. Below are a few tables that would be perfect to use for the children to eat at, they would even be great places to arrange desserts or beverages. The folding chairs are also important, you don’t want to have uncomfortable plastic chairs for your guests — take a look at these gorgeous and comfortable pieces of furniture…

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Theater at Penn Sq. bought by AMC and getting upgrade!


Beginning Nov. 9, AMC Theatres will begin operations at the movie theatre in Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City. And during the following months, AMC is teaming with Simon Property Group to bring changes to AMC Penn Square 10 that will leave guests excited to come back, again and again.

“AMC has a strong presence in Oklahoma City, and we are very excited to open for business at one of the most popular malls in Oklahoma,” said Mark McDonald, executive vice president of Development at AMC.

When finished, the theatre will feature stadium-style seating and guests will watch the newest releases in luxury, as every seat in the theatre will be a power recliner with footrest. In addition, guests can enjoy an expanded concession menu, including better-for-you items and Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, which offer more than 120 drink options.

“We’re thrilled AMC is bringing its latest technology to Oklahoma City movie fans and their state-of-the-art theatres will enhance our entertainment offerings at Penn Square,” said Greg Zimmerman, Senior Vice President at Simon Property Group.

Construction will begin in December and the theatre will remain open during the renovations, which should be complete by May 1, 2013.

About AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres delivers distinctive and affordable movie-going experiences in 338 theatres with 4,865 screens primarily in the United States. The company operates 22 of the 50 highest grossing theatres in the country, including four of the top five. AMC has propelled industry innovation and continues today by delivering premium sight and sound, enhanced food and beverage and diverse content.

About Simon Property Group

Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG) is an S&P 100 company and the largest real estate company in the world. The Company currently owns or has an interest in 333 retail real estate properties in North America and Asia comprising 242 million square feet. We are headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and employ approximately 5,500 people in the U.S. For more information, visit the Simon Property Group website at


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Baskets as Storage Solution for Throws

A great place to keep living room throws and blankets is in a woven basket.  Baskets are portable, so they can move wherever needed and they add beautiful texture in a room:

image credits: 1-domino, 2-via pinterest, 3-via pinterest, 4-via the little green notebook, 5- via living room ideas, 6-domino



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Top Five Uses For A Basement Space

Basements often house little more than a fuse box, a water cylinder and some storage boxes. Converting a basement into a usable living space can add great value to your property and is a popular way that homeowners cope with changing household set ups without needing to move. However, there a number of things which make basements more difficult to alter than other areas of the home.

These vary from house to house, but include relatively low ceiling heights, poor or no natural light, inaccessibility and dampness. If you are thinking about converting the basement space in your home to one you can use for everyday living, then it will be best to consult an expert and avoid these pitfalls. However, many problems can be overcome relatively easily and most basements can be converted without a huge price tag. Before embarking, you really need to think about the new use you want the basement to fulfil.


Nothing will add more value to your home than by having a self contained living space in it. An annex which is designed for semi-independent living is great for elderly relatives and older teenagers. By converting your basement to a living, sleeping and cooking space you will make it much more desirable if you come to sell your home. Fitting plumbing and electricity can add extra expense but think of it as an investment. Even if your basement is not the most spacious on the block a well designed one room, studio annex will add value to your property.

Modern Family Rooms.

A trendy use for subterranean domestic spaces is to adapt them into a family room. Lay ceramic tiling on your basement’s surface and add warmth to sitting areas with some rugs to get the modern, chic look. Disguise the functional look of your basement’s ceiling by whitewashing it. Don’t be tempted to lower the height of your family room by installing a false ceiling, as this can make you feel a little trapped, particularly if your basement has no source of natural light. Break up the look of any structural elements, like supporting pillars, by cladding them with wooden slats or by using colorful tiling.

Games Rooms.

Games rooms have been popular choices for basement conversions for decades. If you like to entertain friends and shoot the odd game of pool, why not give your basement the look of a welcoming bar? Like all basement conversions, keep wall and ceiling tones light. Install conventional light fittings, but double up with recessed spotlights so that the electric light in your basement is as uniform as possible. Even a well lit basement games room will look dingy if one corner seems darker than the rest of the space.

Media Rooms.

If your basement has a ceiling that means you can only just stand up in it, or if beams make it difficult to walk about in without ducking every few paces, then make a room that you feel comfortable sitting in. Media rooms or home cinema installations are a good choice for these type of shallow basements. For either sort of basement conversion project, it will be worth considering soundproofing the room above, since noise is likely to leak upstairs from your sound system. Keep your flooring and furnishings light in tone and use carpet for your floor, rather than a hard surface.

Laundry and Utility Spaces.

Some basements are just not large enough to convert into living spaces. If your basement is not sizeable, then make it over into a utility area. Any appliances you install in your basement will free up space in your kitchen. Install good quality units, the same sort that you would specify for a kitchen. Add lots of recessed lighting and make the space easy to maintain so that you won’t mind using it for dirty jobs, like boot cleaning or pet grooming.


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Be a Santa to a Senior Program in Edmond

Senior citizens deserves love and attention from people around them, but unfortunately, there are many senior citizens that are isolated.  This holiday, however, you can show care and love for a senior citizen through gift giving. Holiday shoppers who are in the mood to add one more gift on their list can give senior citizens a gift this Christmas through the Be a Santa to a Senior program.  Managed by the Home Instead Senior Care, Be a Santa to a Senior aims to create a way for senior citizens to receive a gift that they want this Christmas.

How does it work?

Seniors are asked to write down their names and desired Christmas gift on an ornament that is placed on a tree. The Christmas trees will be placed in select stores and in the Home Instead Senior office. Those who want to give gifts to seniors can pick an ornament, purchase the gift, and deliver it to the senior care office.

In Edmond, Be a Santa to a Senior program starts next week and will last until until December 7. Trees will be placed at the Home Instead Senior Care office located at 3623 NW 36. The Thrifty Pharmacy stores located at 10904 N May Ave., Oklahoma City, and 230 S Santa Fe Ave., Edmond, will also display trees.

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