Making Room For Guests For This Thanksgiving

The holidays are definitely a hectic time — especially if you are the host. Get ready for this Thanksgiving by planning ahead and organize your entryway, closets, mudroom, kitchen and guest room. With less clutter and a few simple organizational tips you won’t feel overwhelmed — Senior Home Editor Anthony Santelli shows readers in this year’s November issue how to prep for guests, now it’s actually time to get to it!

When guests arrive they will either come in through the front door or your mudroom. Organize either your foyer closet or mudroom to be ready for the impending loads of coats, scarves, boots, gloves, hats and umbrellas. Here are a few useful ideas to help organize your entry way…

This entry way has a a Double Hang Closet Rod ($9.99 from The Container Store) — it provides the perfect extra space to hang double the amount of coats your closet usually can store. Extra hooks on the door come in handy for hand-bags and hanging scarves.

Here is a helpful and simple check list for you to follow for your guests’ bedroom:

  • Allot adequate closet and drawer space & provide hangers.
  • Have a full-length mirror in the bedroom.
  • Having a working alarm clock in the bedroom.
  • Invest in a few small touches in the room, such as bottled water, chocolate or fresh flowers.
  • If able to, provide a sitting area with a pillow and throw, an adjacent table, and a good adjustable-brightness lamp in the room your guests will be staying in.
  • Provide extra blankets for temperature control in the bedroom.
  • Provide reading material, including several magazines and a daily newspaper.
  • Stock enough towels, washcloths and hand towels for all guests.
  • Stock up on toilet paper and other necessities and make sure they know where to locate extras.

Having everything your visitors will need already in their reach will allow them the freedom to enjoy the wonderful visit that you are providing. Here are some other great ideas to include in your guests’ bathroom…

Having plenty of towel racks will keep wet towels off the floor and your guests will have dry towels the next time they take a shower.

Prepare for your company and the guaranteed of leftovers by organizing your kitchen so that you have plenty of space to store food. Its also a good idea to get your cabinets and drawers in tip-top shape, giving you easy access to platters, bowls, knives and other cooking accessories.

This is the dream refrigerator! The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, Martha Stewart Collection For Macy’s, and Snapware have some wonderful storage pieces for your refrigerator — like clear leftover containers, soda holders, wine racks, and shelf risers.

In addition to organizing your kitchen cabinets and closets — having folding chairs and tables in your home is essential if you are going to be the host for many people. Below are a few tables that would be perfect to use for the children to eat at, they would even be great places to arrange desserts or beverages. The folding chairs are also important, you don’t want to have uncomfortable plastic chairs for your guests — take a look at these gorgeous and comfortable pieces of furniture…


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