Interior Doors for Your Home: Ideas to Consider

Add more value to your home with beautiful interior doors. Whether you choose a traditional swing door, a folding door, or a sliding door, it will enhance the overall beauty of your home.

To give you an idea of the different styles of interior doors that are available, here are a few to consider:

Two-Way Door– Why not save more space in your house with a rotating interior door instead of a conventional door? All you need to do is rotate the door at the center so you can move from one room to another. The rotating effect also adds aesthetic appeal to your interior in addition to its space-saving benefit.

Asian-Inspired Door – Add traditional flair to your home interior with Asian-inspired doors made from materials such as bamboo and teak. These types of interior doors give warmth to your home and make it feel comfortable.

Pocket Door – If you have no space left in your room for a swinging door, try a pocket door instead. This type of door is hidden inside a compartment within the wall, so you can save more space than if you used a visible sliding door or customary swinging door. It also serves as a great architectural statement and can be adorned with attractive hardware for an appealing appearance when hidden.

Folding Glass Door – Two reasons for adding a folding glass door are that it adds more light to the room and saves space.  In addition, it is a unique design that can provide a unique elegant element to any room.

Sliding Glass Door – These are currently quite trendy and are great solutions for small spaces, especially in modern houses. Glass doors create the impression of a wider room because they allow your vision to expand without interruption.

Sliding Barn Door – Barn doors offer a unique look and are rolled open and closed by barn door rollers. You can paint your barn door white or simply leave it in its natural wooden tones.

Stained Glass Doors – No need for added décor with these doors. Designs are intricate enough to make a room look artsy and beautiful. These are perfect for closet and bedroom dividers or the entrance to your home office.
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