Decorating Ideas for Holiday Entertaining



A lot of entertaining occurs during the holiday season, and when you are hosting a party, there are many factors to consider in order to make it a success.  In addition to having one-on-one contact with your guests, the way you decorate your house to create a feeling of comfort will also contribute to the memories they make.

To help you prepare your home with decorations for holiday entertaining, here are a few tips:

  • Play with alternative Christmas palettes. You don’t have to limit yourself to red and green – other combinations, like green and brown, violet and bronze, or white and gold, are also beautiful options, especially when it comes to table settings.
  • Create a holiday-themed centerpiece instead of a traditional floral one. Think of creative Christmas themes to decorate the center of your table like a bright gingerbread house or a lovely nativity scene. Perhaps you could recreate a mini-North Pole with Santa Claus and several elves making gifts. Just remember to keep your centerpiece low, so your guests can converse with each other easily.
  • Add scented candles or potpourri.  They add visual appeal and create a welcoming scent to make your guests feel comfortable and at home.
  • Rearrange furniture to create a more intimate setting. This encourages conversation within the group. You may also want to add more seats, depending on the number of people you have invited to your celebration.
  • Use your best dinnerware.  A complete table setting adds an elegant element to your table.  Use folded table napkins we well, as they provide a great opportunity to incorporate your color theme.
  • Add a place card at each setting.  Create small greeting cards with your guests’ name on them and place where you want to assign your guests to the table.
  • Expand your holiday decorations to the kitchen and bathroom. It will keep the festivity present, regardless of where your guests may be.
  • Dress up your food. Add something festive to your holiday feast, like a small Santa statue on a cake.

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