Sealing and Protecting Your Asphalt Driveway

Sealing and Protecting Your Asphalt Driveway

Aside from its essential functional role of providing a smooth pathway for your vehicles, a well-maintained driveway can also add more beauty to your property. Just compare two driveways: a driveway filled with cracks and holes and a smooth driveway. Which would you prefer?

One way to maintain your driveway is to add more protection to your asphalt through sealing. Sealing adds a layer of protection to your driveway so it can withstand wear and tear from extreme weather condition, harmful external elements, and continuous traffic. It keeps your driveway looking new despite frequent use.

Here are some specific advantages of using sealant on your asphalt:

  • Protects your driveway from harsh weather conditions like extreme heat and snow, which can otherwise cause your asphalt to deteriorate.
  • Shields your driveway from oil and gas leaks coming from vehicles. Oil spots on the road can be unpleasant to look at and they also attract more dirt and dust, leaving your asphalt dirtier than ever.
  • Prevents your driveway from becoming dull and gray. If you don’t want your asphalt road to look old and worn out, sealing it will help it maintain its look.
  • Adds curb appeal to your property. Whether or not you sell your house or property, a well-maintained driveway adds more value to your property.

But, before you seal your driveway, check it first for any possible needed repairs. Clean your driveway thoroughly, so dirt, dust, oil leaks, and stains are not trapped by your sealant.  If you don’t, they will make your driveway look old despite fresh sealing.  Try to scrub oil stains first and then sweep your driveway thoroughly.  Then, look for potholes and cracks and properly fill them. The idea is to smooth out your driveway and make it look like new before sealing it.

If you are ready to seal your driveway, make sure to use the proper sealant for your particular type of asphalt. Read the instructions first so you apply it correctly and know what to watch out for to remain safe throughout the process. If you feel unsure about your ability to seal your driveway yourself, hire an expert.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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