Lighting a Small Space in Your House: How to Make It Brighter

Lighting a Small Space in Your House How to Make It Brighter

Small spaces at home are often dark and cramped.  Having to work in a small home office or eat in a small dining room makes it difficult to feel relaxed and comfortable. Although installing lights can help brighten the room, there are also other ways to do so using natural lighting, such as the following:

  • Add windows to let the sunshine in. Install a window in your small living room or dining room to make the space light and bright.
  • Cut an opening in your solid wall divider or install an interior window. If you have a huge divider in between two rooms that makes each room smaller, cut a long opening out of the top of it to create more open space. If you don’t want a huge opening, install an interior window instead. An interior window will help expand the feel of the room and also let the light come in.
  • Use thin, sheer curtains instead of thicker drapes. That way, even if you need to close the window with a curtain, the natural light can still pass through, making the room brighter. Use silky sheets in white or pastel colors.
  • Install a glass interior door instead of a solid hardwood door. Interior doors add class and style to a home, but the drawback is that they take up a lot of space.  Maximize the use of interior doors without compromising the space of a room by adding a glass panel or full glass door. This will allow you to see the other room and create more light for each smaller room.
  • Paint your small space white. Painting in dark colors will create the impression of a smaller, darker room. But, painting in white or other light colors will brighten the room.
  • Let the natural light reflect all over the room. Add a mirror to an opposite facing wall to help reflect the natural light and make the room brighter.
  • Use better lighting solutions, such as wall scones, chandeliers, and pendant lights. These kinds of lighting tools can provide the proper lighting for a room without taking up much space.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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