Organizing Your Bathroom More Effectively

Organizing Your Bathroom More Effectively

Your bathroom serves as a relaxing place, where you are able to refresh and rejuvenate or, after a hard day at work, enjoy a hot bubble bath. However, with all the essential things inside your bathroom, it can also become quite cluttered and messy. Instead of indulging yourself in the bathtub, you end up spending yours time cleaning up the mess.

The best solution is to make your bathroom more organized, so you can relax without any hassle. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Throw away unused things. If you have bottles of shampoo or bath gel that you no longer use, throw them away to free up space in your bathroom. We tend to replace old shampoos with new ones, even if we haven’t completely finished using them yet, and the old ones end up sitting on the shelf. So, either use them right away or get rid of them – don’t keep them around.
  • Organize storage. Use pretty wicker baskets for bathroom towels and plastic baskets for small bathroom essentials. Sort everything rather than jumbling it up in one place. You may also try using different storage solutions for each family member, such as each using a different colored container, so everyone knows whose things are whose.
  • Store everything in places where they are needed. For instance, your medicine should be stocked in the medicine cabinet, since it would be the first place you would look if you were searching for it. Place your soap and shampoo in your shower or tub. Keep your toothbrush and toothpaste near your sink for easy access.
  • Add a towel rack. It doesn’t need to be big, but the point is to have a place to hang your towels versus leaving them on the floor or thrown over something random. It will also help you keep new towels separated from old, dirty ones.
  • Use extra storage solutions. Install a shelf on your cabinet door for extra space to store jars and bottles. You may also want to use an extra shelf above your bathroom door for new towels and robes.
  • Make it a habit to clean up after yourself. If you maintain a routine of “clean as you go,” then you will find that your bathroom remains well-organized.s

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