What to Do with Empty Dining Room Corners

What to Do with Empty Dining Room Corners

When you enter your dining room, you see beautiful lighting fixture, a lovely dining table and chairs, and a decorative centerpiece. Then, you cringe over an empty space in the corner of the room. Dining room corners are sometimes a dilemma. We want to have a grand room in which to eat and entertain, but having a bare spot makes it less easy.

To help you solve your dining room corner woes, here are some fresh decorating ideas to follow:

  • Build a corner cabinet. Create your corner cabinet so that you have storage space for extra plates, napkins, and spoons or use it to display your expensive china.
  • Spare an extra seat in the corner. There may be times when we need more than the usual number of chairs around our dining table. So, have an extra seat on standby in the corner, so guest can simply pull them out when needed.
  • Display something natural. Add a table in the corner and feature a lovely vase with fresh flowers. You can also use a tall plant to fill the corner. The natural look of plants will create a refreshing mood in your dining room.
  • Add a buffet table. Buffets can be ideal for certain celebrations, but turning your dining room table into one one isn’t always the best idea. Have a table ready in the corner for buffet dining in the future. You can cover it with a table runner or decorate it when not in use.
  • Create a small dining nook. It can take the formality out of eating at your dining table by having a small dining nook with a small table and seating to make any breakfast or snack more fun.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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