Tips on How to Properly Install Wall Tiles

Tips on How to Properly Install Wall Tiles

Tiling your wall can be a great alternative to painting, as it adds both color and dimension to a room.  Add mosaic tiles, for example, to bring in lovely patterns and design or opt for one to two tile colors for a simpler, yet elegant look on your bathroom wall.

Doing wall tile installation on your own can be difficult, sometimes much more difficult than simply laying tiles on the floor. If you don’t have a large enough budget to be able to hire a contractor, here are a few useful tips to guide you along the way should you choose to do it yourself:

  • Always choose tiles that are made for walls. There are types of tiles that are ideal for floors, and there are those that are only made for walls because they are lighter in weight. You may also want to look for tiles that are easier to work with, such as ceramic tiles. You can seek help from a hardware store representative when looking for options.
  • Work on the layout first before installing your tiles. You can achieve better results in less time and with less effort if you plan the layout before you start installing your tiles. Draw out what your tiles will look like on the wall and measure the dimensions to fit the pattern you want. You can also lay the tiles on the floor to give you a better picture of what your tiles will look like. Make it as accurate as possible so you don’t have to double your work due to errors.
  • Check and prep your walls first prior to installation and measurement. Your walls need to be flat to achieve a smooth and even installation. Check your walls for dust or peeling paint and clean them thoroughly before beginning your wall measurements.
  • Before cutting tiles and installing them in corners or gaps, first measure the space and include space for grout gaps. Then, mark the measurements on your tiles for cutting. Make sure to mark all edges for a more precise cutting.
  • Allow the tiles and grout to dry for 24 hours before installing bathroom accessories like towel rail and soap holders. This will ensure that each tile is secured to support the weight of whatever you add.

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