Kitchen Lighting Tips: What You Need to Know When Planning

Kitchen Lighting Tips What You Need to Know When Planning

It is pretty universally agreed-upon that the kitchen is one of the most used rooms inside a house. In addition to spending the time in their kitchen cooking and preparing food, many homeowners also utilize their kitchen as a dining area, a home office extension, a place to help the kids with their homework, and a variety of other miscellaneous activities.

That is why lighting inside the kitchen is very important.   Not only does it help you see clearly when engaging in cooking and other activities, but it also offers aesthetic benefits. Who wouldn’t be awed by lovely pendant lighting or the dramatic effect of under-cabinet lighting? Enhanced kitchen lighting does everything from emphasizing intricate décor in your kitchen to adding brightness to the overall design of the room.

In other words, proper kitchen lighting is important and should not be limited to a simple fluorescent bulb. So, how do you enhance your kitchen lighting?

  • Make task lighting a priority – Apart from the aesthetic benefit of kitchen lighting, it needs to address the primary need for lighting. Task lighting offers a main source of light for kitchen tasks such as cooking, washing dishes, and using your appliances. So, you need to focus on these areas in order to create a more functional kitchen. For instance, under-cabinet lights can help brighten your cabinets to make them easier to work on and more conducive to finding things.
  • Add skylights – Some kitchens may not be blessed with an open window, and natural light therefore cannot easily come in and brighten the room. To solve this issue, install a skylight just above your kitchen, so everything will be brighter and more natural during the day.
  • Choose more artistic lighting instead of common designs – If you are looking for a kitchen lighting fixture, choose a more creative style instead of the usual patterns for lighting. Keep in mind that what you choose will be long-term and not just temporary. So, if you choose a more creative fixture, be sure it’s something that is timeless as well.
  • Plan well – Proper kitchen lighting requires effective planning in order to become more functional. Plan where you need lighting the most and where you can install lights that will cover certain areas of the kitchen. This will reduce the need for trial and error and the expenses associated with it.
  • Use energy-efficient lighting – Since you use your kitchen most of the time, the lights are on much longer than they are in other areas of the house. Using LED lighting can help provide the proper lighting for the kitchen without hogging too much energy.

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