How to Prepare for Your Spring Garden

How to Prepare for Your Spring Garden

Everyone gets excited when the winter months start to end because Spring is the perfect time to start planting flowers in your garden and spruce up the landscape.  While you wait for the perfect time to start our spring gardening, here are a few tips on how to prepare:

  • Clean your storage area. After spending a few months in storage, your tools can sometimes be less effective. Since there are still a few weeks until planting, examine your garage or storage area and clean up and organize your gardening necessities. Take away unused tools and anything that no longer works.
  • Prepare your gardening tools. You may want to start investing in good gardening tools, such as aerators and a good lawn mower, to help you get started on your gardening. Then, list the other tools that you will need for your garden, such as a rake, shovel, and wheelbarrow and even compost and leaves.
  • Fix your garden gate. The snow and harsh winter weather may have damaged parts of your garden fencing, which you need to fix in order to keep small animals from coming into your garden. Have your fences and gate fixed before planting seeds.
  • Plan your garden landscape. Have a concept design of your garden before working on it. Create a design for your garden by indicating where each kind of plant will need to grow. By the time you start plowing the soil, you will know where to start.
  • Start cleaning your yard. If possible, start clearing junk out of your garden by removing trash, dead leaves, and other things that are in the way. You may even want to save the leaves for a compost pile as well. Either way, you will have a cleaner yard when you begin planting.
  • Sow some seeds inside. While waiting to start your garden outside, plant some seeds in smaller pots inside your shed. This will allow them to grow a little before transferring them into your garden.

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