Changes in District Wellness Policy Proposed for OKC Public Schools

Changes in District Wellness Policy Proposed for OKC Public Schools

Health should be an important priority for children, and a healthy lifestyle does not end at home. To further promote better health among students, it is vital that schools also create ways to help.

A district wellness policy was first instated in Oklahoma City in 2006 to help facilitate proper wellness implementation among public schools. The current policy is now being examined by a committee that is planning to propose new guidelines.  One of the highlights in the proposed wellness policy is the need for a PE class and a health and wellness class. Students will need to have at least an hour of physical education and an hour-long class about health and wellness each week.

In addition, punishments must no longer focus on physical activity, such as running laps, and students cannot be withheld from gym class and recess for something they did wrong.

Aside from physical activities and classes, schools are required to promote healthy eating among students. The policy will include the need for each public school to provide healthy food in order to start reducing fat and salt in the food, while including more fruits and vegetables in meals.

To help facilitate the policy, there will also be a district wellness committee comprised of students, staff, and community members. They will track the progress of each policy implementation and make sure that each guideline is properly followed.

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