Common Design Flaws to Avoid in Your Home

Common Design Flaws to Avoid in Your Home

By properly planning your home design, you can achieve a more beautiful and functional home. You may have different perspectives and tastes when it comes to the color and style of your decor, but ideally, you want to design your home so that you can live comfortably inside it and feel at home.

For some homeowners, sticking to a beautiful home and not considering on how it could work for them can lead to disaster. Many homes have design flaws that can cause difficulty to homeowners if not handled properly. It is, in fact, much better to live in a fully-functional and comfortable house than live in a dream that is not meant to be a reality.

To help you achieve a better design plan for your home, here are a few design flaws you need to avoid:

  • Adding too many rooms in a small space. You may want to add a small home office or a game room to your house, but is that feasible with your small area? Consider the total area of your home before you plan on adding more rooms. Try to add the essential rooms first, such as your master bedroom, your kid’s rooms, and maybe even a guestroom.
  • Limited ventilation. You may be spending your time at home with heaters and air conditioning, but you need to remember that those can be very expensive luxuries. Adding more ventilation in your rooms will limit the need to use those systems and will also provide you with fresher air. A mistake in most homes is simply adding a small window and door.
  • Too little storage. What you want for your house is to store and display the things you own. For instance, you probably continually buy books or other collections that you enjoy. However, if you don’t actually have enough storage space for them, they will likely end up in boxes or in a cluttered heap on the floor. Adding more storage at home can help you organize your things better.
  • Too little light. Don’t forget the lighting when designing your home. Consider proper lighting in each room. Try to balance the kind of lighting you will have with the size of the room and how you will use that room. For instance, a kitchen will need strong lighting in order to help you see clearly while you prepare food.

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