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Advantages of a Home Air Inspection

Advantages of a Home Air Inspection

Good air quality is important for keeping our bodies healthy. Many people struggle to breathe properly due to the pollutants that surround them, and in most cases, they prefer to stay indoors rather than expose themselves to environment toxins outdoors.

But, is indoor air always as clean as we assume it is? Unfortunately, the answer is no. There may be times when the air we breathe inside our house is worse than outdoor air. This is because there are household products, high levels of humidity, smoke, harmful chemicals, and inadequate ventilation around the home.

So, how do we make sure that what we breathe indoors is safe for our health?

Undergoing a home air inspection is one way of verifying the quality of our indoor air. Through an air inspection, you can become more aware of the poor quality of air that you breathe and find ways to improve it.

To give you an idea of the importance of home air inspections, here are a few advantages:

  • Easier Breathing – If our home goes through a thorough air inspection, you will be able to breathe easier knowing that the air is clean. Allergies are usually caused by dust or other allergens that enter your body when you breathe.  Cleaning the air will help alleviate that tremendously.
  • Healthy Living – Becoming aware that indoor air contains damaging elements usually compels us to clean our surroundings. In that case, we would be living healthily with a cleaner environment. Air inspections usually encourage you to clean your air ducts, minimize the use of products that release harmful vapors into the air, and reduce smoking.
  • Reducing Odors – Undergoing an air inspection exposes the smelly areas of your home. There are usually places where there is mold growth and sometime they go unnoticed. After you have an inspection, you will be equipped with the information necessary to clean these places and reduce the smells they produce that contaminate the air.
  • Cleaner Environment – Air inspections usually encourage you to clean your house carefully and reduce pollutants and harmful elements in the air. This can result in a much cleaner environment.

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Common Mistakes People Make When Installing a Swimming Pool

Common Mistakes People Make When Installing a Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool in your yard can be a lot of fun. During the summer, you and your family can spend your time swimming or relaxing by the pool in order to cool off. It can also be a great reason to have a pool party with friends.

Though a swimming pool can offer both luxury and convenience, it is undeniable that the cost can be tremendous. You need to invest thousands of dollars just to have a functional pool at home. That is why there is no room for mistakes when it comes to pool installation.

Here are some common mistakes people make when it comes to swimming pool installation:

  • Installing a pool during winter. Some people think that the cost of materials is cheaper during the winter. Actually, the cost of pool materials are never cheaper in the winter, and s a matter of fact, it could be more bit costly to install a pool on winter because the ground is harder.
  • Not understanding the uniqueness of every pool. Not all pools are made equally.  Most swimming pools are custom-made and done by different contractors. So, basically, the outcome of your pool, including the overall cost of installation and materials, may not be the same as that of your neighbor.
  • Not planning well.  You may be dreaming of a beautiful pool outside our house, but is your property big enough? This is actually a common mistake among homeowners. It is always a good idea to be sure the pool fits within the confines of your property because it may not be feasible to put a pool there in the first place.
  • Hiring a contractor without knowing him well. Is your contractor experienced in installing  big pools? What other pool projects has he accomplished before? Does he have an established company? Or, did you simply hire him without knowing these things? To add more value to what you are investing, it is best to know that you are hiring the right person for the job.
  • Overlooking safety. You may be have a lot of plans to make your swimming pool look luxurious, but is it safe enough for our kids to swim all day? There are requirements that you need to consider first before you install your swimming pool. Research information within your own locality about these policies first.

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Construction set to start this summer on $25 million Embassy Suites in the Oklahoma Health Center

Construction set to start this summer on $25 million Embassy Suites in the Oklahoma Health Center

A $25 million, 194-room Embassy Suites first pitched for the Oklahoma Health Center in 2008 is back on track and set for construction to start by summer.

Chris Fleming, representing a partnership consisting of REHCO OUES, LLC., the Presbyterian Health Foundation and University Hospitals Authority and Trust, reported to the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority this week that the group has obtained financing for the project.

A freeze in commercial financing for such projects was blamed for the initial delays, which coincided with the start of the national economic collapse in 2009.

The site, once home to a low-income housing complex called the Bradford Commons, is controlled by the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority. It is near the OU Medical Center and Bricktown.

The Embassy Suites is the first new full-service hotel to be built downtown since the 2007 opening of the Skirvin Hilton Hotel. Up to nine other limited-service hotels are either under construction or proposed for nearby Bricktown and Deep Deuce.

Heather & Alan Davis
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How to Prepare for Your Spring Garden

How to Prepare for Your Spring Garden

Everyone gets excited when the winter months start to end because Spring is the perfect time to start planting flowers in your garden and spruce up the landscape.  While you wait for the perfect time to start our spring gardening, here are a few tips on how to prepare:

  • Clean your storage area. After spending a few months in storage, your tools can sometimes be less effective. Since there are still a few weeks until planting, examine your garage or storage area and clean up and organize your gardening necessities. Take away unused tools and anything that no longer works.
  • Prepare your gardening tools. You may want to start investing in good gardening tools, such as aerators and a good lawn mower, to help you get started on your gardening. Then, list the other tools that you will need for your garden, such as a rake, shovel, and wheelbarrow and even compost and leaves.
  • Fix your garden gate. The snow and harsh winter weather may have damaged parts of your garden fencing, which you need to fix in order to keep small animals from coming into your garden. Have your fences and gate fixed before planting seeds.
  • Plan your garden landscape. Have a concept design of your garden before working on it. Create a design for your garden by indicating where each kind of plant will need to grow. By the time you start plowing the soil, you will know where to start.
  • Start cleaning your yard. If possible, start clearing junk out of your garden by removing trash, dead leaves, and other things that are in the way. You may even want to save the leaves for a compost pile as well. Either way, you will have a cleaner yard when you begin planting.
  • Sow some seeds inside. While waiting to start your garden outside, plant some seeds in smaller pots inside your shed. This will allow them to grow a little before transferring them into your garden.

Heather & Alan Davis
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Six Home Problems That Need Immediate Repairs

Six Home Problems That Need Immediate Repairs

Whenever you see a problem in your house, the first thing that comes into mind is the additional cost you are going to incur. A leak on the ceiling means that you need to shell out money to have the roof repaired. A flickering light requires purchasing new lighting for a replacement.  That’s why, even upon seeing a problem, some homeowners simply ignore them for a while.

Though we sometimes want to ignore needed repairs at home, there are certain important issues that require your immediate action. Otherwise, they will eventually grow into bigger problems, which will result in a greater cost.

Here are some examples of home repairs that should be addressed immediately:

  • Misty chimney. If you have a chimney that is fogging, then it is time to have it checked and cleaned. Sure, the cost will vary from repair person to repair person, but the overall damage it can prevent is worth the monetary expense. Smoky chimneys have remnants of burning wood in them and can ignite without your knowledge, thus becoming a fire hazard.
  • Leaky ceiling. If you find leaks on your ceiling, it is telling you that your roof needs repair because water is seeping in. Ceilings that leak are already damaged by too much moisture, and you should have them repaired.  Address them before they begin falling apart and falling down.
  • Dripping taps. It may seem like a minor issue, but the overall cost of having a dripping tap is bigger than having it repaired as soon as possible. A lot of water is wasted on dripping taps, and it can end up leaving you with a large water bill.
  • Moist ground around your septic tank. You don’t want your tank to overflow, so, if you notice damp ground around your septic tank without a potential cause, it isstarting to overflow.  Have your tank checked and fixed immediately.
  • Mold growth. If you see mold starting to grow in some parts of the house, have them removed before they spread throughout your house. Mold can be very damaging to your health and can cause a huge damage to your property. It’s best to eliminate the source.
  • Flickering lights. Lighting that does not function properly needs to be checked and repaired before it leads to electrical problems and a fire hazard. Flickering lights indicate that there is a failed connection in your electrical system.

Heather & Alan Davis
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Kickoff Luncheon to Help Promote Autism Awareness

Kickoff Luncheon to Help Promote Autism Awareness

Autism has become more frequent in children than it used to be, and families that have kids with autism are deeply affected by the condition as well. They know how difficult it is to meet their child’s special needs, especially when it comes to communicating and socializing with other people.

To help promote autism awareness and kick off Autism Awareness Month, a Kickoff Luncheon will be held on March 7. Proceeds of the luncheon will benefit the programs of Autism Oklahoma, a charitable organization that provides special programs for families affected with autism.

The luncheon and auction will be from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at the Will Rogers Theater. The luncheon is free and has a maximum capacity of  300 people. For the silent auction, many packed and individual items will be available, including a custom framed Jason Blackmon autographed print. Goodies from local bakeries will be part of the dessert auction.

In addition to the luncheon and auction, a raffle will be held during the event. Raffle tickets are available for sale without any limit on the number of tickets to be purchased. Ten tickets can be purchased  for $20.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors

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