Design Tips for Your New Garage

Design Tips for Your New Garage

There is more to a garage these days than just a house for your vehicle. Many homes build a garage to give them extra space for woodworking, storage, or even a nice place to hang out with friends or play in a band. Now, you can have a multi-functional garage to fit all your needs.

Designing a garage requires proper analysis of what you need your garage for in the first place. When you design your garage, you need to incorporate solutions for your needs like added storage, home for your two vehicles, or a workstation. This will help you organize your garage according to what you want it to be.

Below are some design tips on how you can build a functional and perfect garage for you:

  • Location – Plan the location of your garage to help you determine the available space. Choose whether to build an attached garage or a detached one. Attached garages help you maximize yard space because there is no space left between your home and your garage. A detached garage gives you exclusivity and privacy, especially if you are working.
  • Size – Consider how big or small your garage should be. Ask yourself, “How will I use my garage?  What are the functionalities that I need my garage to have?” This will give you insight into how big or small the space for your new garage needs to be.
  • Doors and windows – You should take note of your garage door and windows, especially when it comes to matters of proper insulation. Your door and windows must not allow cold air to come in and warm air to exit easily. In addition, garage doors and windows must be well enclosed not to entice possible intrusion.
  • Storage – Ample storage is needed in order to keep things organize inside your garage.  This is especially true if you plan to add a workstation. You need to plan where to put your storage so as not to cram the space needed to place your car, lawn mowers, and bikes.
  • Lighting – If you plan to work inside your garage, it is important to add proper lighting. Install lights that can brighten the space inside your garage, but that will also make the most out of natural light to help save energy.
  • Space above your garage – Though most garages have their own roofs, some homes prefer to make the most of the space above and use it as an extra room. You may want to consider the space above your garage as either an extra room, a balcony, or simply a roof.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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