Oklahoma City School Board Plans to Sell Empty School Buildings

Oklahoma City School Board Plans to Sell Empty School Buildings

Many communities these days are leaning toward charter schools, leaving old school buildings empty and outdated. With the reduction in the number of enrollees and more demand for charter schools, a surplus of old school buildings has begun to grow. In Oklahoma City alone, there are nine.

Though these old buildings are empty and sometimes outdated, communities still want to preserve them. Many of the old buildings are considered assets in their communities because potential buyers or future developers could use the structures for new purposes. The Oklahoma City School Board has stated that the proper disclosure of any buyer’s plans must be provided before a sales contract would be approved.

The School Board decided to open up one of its surplus schools for offers if there were buyers who were interested in the property. The Gateway Academy, located at 721 W Britton Road, has been out of operation since the 90’s. It was leased for a few years to a youth development program called Eagle Ridge Institute, but has remained empty other than that.  Since the property has been opened for sale, it has already received four offers this year.

According to the OKC School Board, JAB Consulting placed a bid for the school to be turned into a center for tutoring, professional development, and testing. Other bids were placed with the intention of turning it into a non-profit community center, a vocational training center, and a retail site.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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