Adding Personality to Your Home Office

Adding Personality to Your Home Office

Though there are many benefits of working from home, it can sometimes create monotony in your everyday life.  When you stay at home the entire day almost every day, you can begin to feel a sense of dullness in your work and a lack of excitement.  Adding more personality to your home office, however, can help create more inspiration when you work.

Here are a few creative ideas for adding personality to your home office:

  • Add a personal touch. Don’t allow your desk to look like a typical working table with piles of paper or stacks of work materials. Add something personal like a picture of your family or a photo of a recent vacation. Incorporate things that may inspire you to work and that make your space feel like “you”.
  • Decorate the bare walls. Staring at a plain blank wall all day can get boring.  Try adding some color and design to your walls with a lovely painting or a big family portrait. If you have good painting skills, paint or stencil interesting designs on the wall.
  • Approach design changes gradually. You don’t want to overdo your office renovation and end up having to work in a crowded, messy environment during the process. Implement your ideas in moderation and stick to what is convenient, functional, and attractive. Sometimes, less is better when it comes to designing.
  • Add ornaments to your bookshelves. Redesign your bookshelves by adding trinkets or souvenirs from your travels. Display them next to your books and picture frames to add more color and flair to your shelves.
  • Incorporate unique office furniture. Scout online or vintage shops for quirky finds.
  • Remember to stay functional. Keep in mind that what you add to your home office will take up space. Add things that are useful, so your office is as functional as possible.
  • Let the sunshine in. Bring in natural light, so the ambiance feels cheery, not gloomy.   If you opt for window treatments, choose something light that will brighten the mood.
  • Decorate your office based on what you like, not what you think you should like. Remember, it is your place and you will be staying there for at least eight hours each day. So, make it comfortable for yourself.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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