Bathroom Wall Covers

Bathroom Wall Covers

When you want to update the look of your bathroom, a good place to start is by changing your bathroom wall facade. Adding a new design can transform the look of your bath, and you can turn a plain bathroom into something more stylish and fun.

However, there are differences between wall covers for your bathroom and those that you may use in your living room or bedroom. Bathroom wall covers must be able to withstand regular moisture and heat. Otherwise, you can end up creating  serious damage that will not only damage the look of your bathroom, but will also require extensive repair.

To help you choose the perfect bathroom wall cover, here are a few options:

  • Ceramic Tile – This is the most common bathroom wall cover used by people because it is cost-effective, yet functional and long lasting. When you installed your ceramic tile correctly, its water resistant surface can withstand moisture.  It can also be a nice way to incorporate patterns on your wall.
  • Glass Tile – Although more expensive than other types of wall covers, glass tile offers an added touch of sophistication to your bathroom. Plus, you can also use glass tiles on other parts of the bathroom, such as the floor.
  • Paint – If you prefer something simple and hassle-free, try painting your bathroom wall. It is ideal for walls that are larger because covering large spaces with tile can become expensive very quickly.  However, when choosing your bathroom paint, be sure to choose one with a glossy finish to add a layer of protection against heat and moisture.
  • Beadboard – Traditional-looking bathrooms may benefit from beadboard. It is usually only used to cover the bottom part of a wall, and it can be painted for an additional effect.   Just remember to use glossy or satin paints to if you decide to go that route.
  • Mirrors – Cover your wall with mirrors to help create an impression of a bigger space. Mirrors can also make your bathroom look more unique and elegant.

When you choose your bathroom wall cover, always consider first what  your bathroom will look like before you buy your materials. That way, you will avoid wasting money on experimental materials.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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