Design Tips for Your Staircase

Design Tips for Your Staircase

Depending on where they are located, staircases can serve as the focal point of your home. Not only do they serve a functional purpose of connecting the upper and lower floors, but they also add to the overall beauty and appeal of our home. It is important, therefore, to carefully consider how you design and decorate your staircase, so it will complement your existing interior.

There are several design options when it comes to staircases. The most common design is the straight staircase, which provides a straight up and down path from bottom to top. Straight staircases are prevalent in homes that have long, but narrow spaces for a staircase. You can augment the plain look of a straight staircase by enhancing its balustrades or adding printed designs on the risers. Some homes may even be able to remove the risers to achieve an open staircase effect.

Another widely-used staircase design is the spiral staircase. This is often used in areas leading to an attic or basement. Though spiral staircases may not be a popular choice for main staircases, you can choose them for stairs with secondary purposes. This is another instance in which you can customize your balustrades to create a more attractive look.

The L-shaped staircase is usually used in houses with wider, but shorter spaces for stairs. It changes the direction of the stairs halfway up, either to the left of the right, since space is too limited for a straight staircase. There are also many homes, however, that use L-shaped staircases simply because they want to add more style to their stairs.

The curved staircase is commonly found in offices or commercial spaces, but can also be used in modern homes. Instead of the traditional straight stair, homeowners try to create more appeal to their staircase but curving it slightly to the sides.

When choosing a design for your home’s staircase, consider the space you will be working with.  In addition, take into consideration the people who will be using the stairs. Do you have little kids, older people, or pets living inside your home that would require a more easily accessible style of staircase?

Lastly, choose a good material for your stairs. There are many materials to choose from when it comes to staircases, such as metal, timber, stone, or even glass. When choosing your material, always consider how it will complement the rest of your house and the safety of the people using it.

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