Creating an Extra Bathroom at Home

Creating an Extra Bathroom at Home

Most homeowners would like to have a little extra space in their house. Even if you have all the basic amenities, it’s always nice to be able to extend the space a little to accommodate more amenities such as an extra bathroom.

Even though you may already have one or more fully-functional bathroom, it is also nice to have a guest bathroom or at least a basic powder room. That way, guests can have a separate space to use that does not interfere with your family’s normal bathroom and that makes them feel like they have a private space.

What is the difference between a powder room and a bathroom? Why would you want to add a powder room to your home?

A powder room is simply a half-bathroom that contains a sink and a toilet, but not a shower or bathtub. Most homes have powder rooms so guests can freshen up without having to use a full bathroom. In addition, powder rooms are usually smaller than bathrooms.

Many homes find a powder room effective especially if their own bathrooms are located upstairs. Powder rooms are located downstairs so guests do not need to go up to the host’s private bedrooms just to use the bathroom. They are more convenient to both the homeowners and the guests.

There are extra spaces inside your house that can be ideal for adding a powder room without having to build an addition.  The hollow space under your stairs is one possible location for a powder room. Although the space may currently house your coats and linens, you can make use of the space more efficiently by turning it into a powder room and storing those items somewhere else in the house.

Some homeowners transform their old pantry into a powder room.  The idea is to find a less used spot inside the house, where you can fit all the necessities of a powder room and your guests can easily access it.

Planning a powder room also requires the same considerations as a fully-functional bathroom. Consider proper ventilation inside your powder room because the space is very limited. In addition, plan your plumbing well to accommodate the sink and toilet. Lastly, decorate. Make it visually pleasing to your guests and add special touches like nice scents,, soaps, and towels.

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