Useful Tips for Properly Cleaning Windows

cleaning a window

Clean windows allow you to enjoy views of the lovely outdoors and also add to the overall appeal of a room .  You can have all the natural light you want without the obstruction of dust and dirt.

Achieving clean windows, however, can be a tedious task.  Sometimes you have to clean them more than once to remove all of the specks of dust and dirt on them.  That’s why knowing some tricks for how to properly clean your windows can help reduce the time and effort required.

  • Clean from top to bottom. This prevents dirt and other residue from circulating or spreading around the way they do when you start from the middle or bottom. It also prevents dirty water from dripping on areas you already cleaned.
  • Use quality cleaning tools. Sometimes you cannot achieve a fully clean window if the tools you use are not good quality.  Investing in good cleaning supplies can help you clean our windows more thoroughly in less time.
  • Polish scratches on your window with toothpaste. It only requires a small amount.
  • Wipe your squeegee clean after every stroke in order to avoid visible lines.
  • Do the washing on a cloudy day. If you wash your window on a hot sunny day, the tendency is for your cleaning solution to easily dry up before you are done wiping.  Cloudy days make things easier and faster.
  • Protect woodwork. Drips from your window cleaners can easily cause damage to your windowsill. Try to protect woodwork by laying a towel down before cleaning.
  • Clean corners using a small toothbrush or a cotton swab.
  • Clean the screens. While cleaning your window, take the time to clean the screen as well. Dust, dirt, and other reside  become trapped in screens, which will obstruct your view. In addition, the residue on your screens will simply transfer to your clean windows if they are not cleaned also.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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