Oklahoma Officials Call for Groups to Tackle Proper Storm Safety

Oklahoma Officials Call for Groups to Tackle Proper Storm Safety

The storm that hit Oklahoma last week caused millions of dollars in damage to residential properties and commercial buildings.  Sadly, in addition to that, several people lost their lives.  That is why state officials are looking for ways to enhance safety within the state, especially in schools and residential areas. Officials are forming discussion groups and task forces to tackle ways in which to better prepare for future natural disasters and save lives.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is calling for state discussions concerning the safety of schools. Gov. Fallin stressed the need for safe rooms that will better protect students and teachers during possible storms. In addition, schools need to implement practice drills in order to better educate the students and administrators on what they should do in case of storms or other dangerous incidents.

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett is also forming a task force to address the issue of safety in the city. The task force will discuss the recent storms and lessons learned as ways to determine what to do in future. The city task force will consist of state leaders and members of the business community. They will discuss the need for storm shelters, safe rooms, and other precautionary measures that can help save lives in future natural disasters.

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